The existing studio space was built specifically for Stained Glass design and production, however, as the course components extend to include kiln formed glass processes, the studios are adapted accordingly. Currently, the Stained Glass studio space accommodates 2nd year, 3rd year, 4th year (BTech), and Masters students.

The Stained Glass Studio photographed by Shanna Paxton


In Studio 1 students are allocated individual workspaces where classes are conducted and individual consultations take place. Relevant equipment is available for student use, namely: grinders, engravers, a lead extruder, a wet room facility and light boxes.

Student Justin Roberts at his workspace in Studio 1: Photographed by Shanna Paxton


4 kilns are available to students for experimentation with different techniques of glass firing Eg. fusing, slumping, casting, and bead-making.

This space accommodates a varied selection of glass, and a collection of glass-related books is available for student use.

Photograph by Shanna Paxton

A stressometer is used to test the compatibility of two types of glass.

Photograph by Shanna Paxton

A glass panel fired to full fuse in Studio 2.

Photographs by Shanna Paxton