Design created from photos by Matthew Harvey and Jonty Hansford

As the only tertiary institution in South Africa offering a course in Stained Glass, the NMMU’s Glass Department offers exciting programmes in Stained Glass, Stained Glass Restoration and Kiln Formed Glass. Our courses encourage a marriage of tradition, innovation, sound fabrication and research.

We run a fully equipped studio facility that supports a wide range of glass applications and experimentation. We are currently investigating possibilities in kiln formed glass techniques such as slumping, fusing, glass casting and beadmaking and will be developing the studio towards these exciting forms of glass art. By reexamining and reevaluating established techniques in a contemporary manner, we keep abreast with new developments in an ever-changing art environment. By continuously investigating new technology and products we hope to encourage students to explore the limitless potential inherent in the medium itself.

Our goal is to equip young developing artists with technical and formal skills enabling them to successfully operate in a diverse and competitive art world.