• Classes run every Tuesday evening from 18h00 until 21h00.
  • The cost of course is R1400-00 and includes all materials and equipment used during the duration of the course (excluding coloured glass for the last project).
  • Size of all projects not to be larger than 250mm x 250mm. If projects are made larger than the set size, extra cost will be added to your account accordingly.
  • Spectrum and Baoli glass used for the last project will be on sale in the studio and each student will determine their own size, colour range and shape.

Lecturer Amanda Snyman with student Rosalind Dorfling in Studio 2: Photographed by Shanna Paxton

Photograph by Shanna Paxton

In order to gain knowledge of all the basic techniques, methods and materials of slumping and fusing the following projects have been set:

Day 1: 4 March

  • Basic cutting technique

Project: Kiln Carving. Making a slumped piece with Ceramic Fibre.

Day 2: 11 March

  • Glass Theory: The nature of glass

Project: Inclusions. Making a full fuse piece using metal foil, wire, copper sheet and mica powder.

Day 3: 18 March

Project: Frits. Designing a pattern and making a fused piece using coloured powders, frits and confetti.

Day 4: 25 March

Project: Paperweight. Full fuse piece using 8 layers of transparent glass with inlays if coloured powders , frits and confetti.

Day 5: 1 April

  • Grinding and polishing by hand

Project: Mosaic. Making a full fused piece using spectrum coloured glass.

Day 6 and 7: 8 April and 15 April

  • Glass Theory: Firing methods and kiln schedules

Project: Full fuse. Designing a pattern and making a full fused piece using coloured spectrum glass only. Making a mold for a fused piece to be slumped into.

This knowledge will provide the student with the necessary skills and understanding of the medium to enable them to work independently.

For any further inquiries please do not hesitate to contact the Stained Glass Department.

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Ms Amanda Snyman
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Tel: 27 41 5043358